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  • Help with Interview pls.


    I needed some help with interview questions etc please? I have 3 hours (yes 3 hours) interview with one of the big pharmacy in central london and i was wondering if any of you help with the commom competency based questions and good tips and ideas and examples of answering them well? as i know if i get nervous i wont really answer the questions well. I have not done job interview for nearly 5 years now and not sure the common interview questions now adays.


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    Similar question every week. Search forum using search box.


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      Three hour interview?
      If they ask you about 'business strategy' or 'how you would deal with xyz' or 'how you would boost MUR' - make sure you invoice them for consultancy!
      Most of the time the internet is full of daft opinions and views that you should not take seriously let bother you at all.
      Note : If this posting contains personal views or opinions every endeavour is made to ensure they stay within social media guidelines.
      If you find you have read something that has upset or offended you an anyway please unread it at once.


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        A 3 hour interview could well be 3 hours of unpaid work, dressed up as some sort of competency test. Is this being conducted in a pharmacy? If it is I would be very cautious.


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          There is no need for a three hour interview