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Diclofenac Killing Vultures in India

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  • Diclofenac Killing Vultures in India

    Not sure what rules on treating animals with diclofenac in UK are but drug has had a very bad effect on vultures in India. Perhaps only crows and buzzards would be affected here but maybe also eagles but probably such carrion would not be available here even if our birds of prey would be affected by this drug:

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    Had a similar effect on me. Put me in hospital for about three days so I completely sympathise with the vultures out there!


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      I think a certain amount of this has to do with the age of cows there. Aging cow population and the respect that they're afforded culturally means a higher treatment rate with drugs such as diclofenac.

      In the UK if you get to the point where they need diclofenac they don't tend to treat them, they seek more permanent solutions
      I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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        i dont think this is a new story . Arent there stories about pharmaceutical plants and human waste containing breakdown products of medicines affecting the aquatic ecosystems etc