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  • pharmdata quality payments report

    hello all

    so nhs england has produced a cute little infographic on the pharmacy performance wrt quality payments scheme

    pharmdata has also produced their own report:

    the pharmdata report reads a bit differently; it looks like only 16% of pharmacies were interested in doing Healthy Living Pharmacy. all in all, i am surprised that more pharmacies did not make more of an effort with the QP scheme. i don't understand how some pharmacies can complain about going out of business or category m or whatever doom and gloom, but at the same time pass up on what is essentially free money via the Quality Payments scheme.

    also, you can see the QP data for any pharmacy England on the PharmData website.

    what are your thoughts on this?
    Community pharmacy dispensing and core services (e.g. MURs, NMS) data for UK pharmacies with an NHS contract
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