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3000 pharmacies to close ?

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  • 3000 pharmacies to close ?

    3000 pharmacies to close ? A quick internet search found this claim being made in January 2016.

    Can anyone point to ONE pharmacy that has closed or even given notice of closure?

    Or is this simply another cry of "Wolf!".

    (Incidentally, I am sure I can recall seeing this claim made in response to government cuts years if not decades ago)

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    Remember that it was not the pharmacy profession that quoted this figure ... but it was the (then) pharmacy minister Alistair Burt. It was no cry of 'wolf' but it was going on what the government themselves mentioned. He himself mentioned that it was between 1000-3000 pharmacies at an APPG meeting.


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      Bear in mind that the full cuts have not yet come into effect


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        Both Lloyds and Boots have had well publicised mergers and closures.

        I'm sure there are going to be contractors hanging on by the skin of their teeth especially if they have outstanding business loans.
        I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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          The funding cuts were delayed and the data for 2016-17 is not availabe yet.
          I think initially there may be a fair number of pharmacies moving from independents to small multiples rather than closing altogether..
          The government's proposed £170 million cut to pharmacy funding in England is to be delayed beyond October, the pharmacy minister has announced.
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            Hmmm...yeah I remember hearing about this. I was one of the unfortunates in the Sainsbury's/Lloyd's takeover and I can confirm Lloyd's closed their branch in my town in favour of opening in Sainsbury's. Maybe this is why we have so many unqualified staff dispensing Medicines. A subject I am very bitter about. I suppose cuts had to be made somewhere, but I find it so very unacceptable.


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              APPG: Mr Burt wants pharmacists to stop relying on dispensing income

              Thae claim, apparently, was made by the APPG (whoever they are) . The above was the headline. The best response, imho, would have been: "sure, as soon as the medical profession ceases to rely on diagnosis income."

              An individual's income might come from multiple streams but they are all relied on to contribute to it. With the necessity for qualification as a pharmacist, the onerous legal liabilities and the time consuming nature of NHS dispensing pharmacists should have every expectation of a substantial income from it.

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                Just to clarify this. It was the pharmacy minister himself who mentioned the 3000 closures. The venue was the all-party pharmacy group (APPG) meeting. It was not the APPG themselves who stated this. The sector (quite rightly) took his comments seriously. It was therefore not a cry of wolf but a serious concern that the pharmacy minister later backtracked on.


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                  I know of one pharmacy in Topsham, near Exeter that has closed because of the cuts.


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                    Originally posted by Racer2 View Post
                    I know of one pharmacy in Topsham, near Exeter that has closed because of the cuts.

                    Thanks for that piece of information. So only 2999 to go.

                    Meanwhile goodwill values seem to increase. Homework: Read "Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds" Charles McKay, iirc.

                    Seriously, why are goodwill values going up in what seems to be a beleagured sector ?