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Banned substances in china and thailand for travellers

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  • Banned substances in china and thailand for travellers

    Hi Guys

    Had a question from a customer that I couldnt answer and wondered if any of you have had an experience with this?

    The lady is taking Naproxen 500mg, codeine 30mg and zopiclone 7.5mg amongst other B.P. meds. She is travelling to China and Thailand in the New year and is worried these meds are banned over there.

    Ive tried to look on each of the countries embassy websites with no joy.

    You hear these horror stories about the United Arab Emirates about people being arrested for having taken an OTC co-codamol on the plane and having a possitive urine sample, is it the same in other countries?

    Anyone got any info on these countries about banned substances?

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    Re: Banned substances in china and thailand for travellers

    If you check the relevant countries on British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Home (the UK foreign office website) and look up the 'local customs' section, you should get the relevant advice. EG, If you look at UAE page then it explains all the banned substances, including prescription medicines so I assume that this is an issue that will be dealt with for all countries, if relevant. It also advises taking a doctor's letter for the UAE so this may be good general advice for anyone travelling to places where there could be 'issues of communication' if they have a lot of medicines.

    From personal experience, I don't believe that China and Thailand are as strict as the UAE when you enter the country. As an aside, I also reckon there'll be lots of dubious generics floating about in China so the authorities are unlikely to be worried about tourists with the genuine article.