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  • DDs

    the power of the DDs is making me sick ! what amuses me is the fact that they are backed up by the PSNC which is strange to a naive person like me..... they always gather support and do whatever it takes to fight and win their case! they get patients to full in surveys, they start petitions....etc
    i am sure Sue Sharpe has her reasons to back up this decision, but i would like to hear her comments regarding this issue! is it just because to clear any tension between Drs and pharmacists so that the other services in the white paper could run smoothly?

    last week, the pharmacy market lost an opportunity once in a life, when the government voted not to change the current DDs arrangements. i am disappointed there was not one official stand against this decision from any pharmaceutical organisation (NPA, PSNC, the society, or PDA...etc).

    'The Dispensing Doctors Association says that, in March 2008 there were 1,360 dispensing practices providing nearly four million patients with NHS dispensing.'

    do these Drs need to dispense Rx to make a living? i thought Drs are already well paid! how greedy they are.....

    Jeff, Mr TS....and everyone else, whatdo you think about the DDs current victory?
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    Re: DDs

    sorry about my lack of knowledge but what is the purpose of a DD when you have a pharmcist and our primary role is to dispense?

    what exactly did they win last week?
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      Re: DDs

      Originally posted by Raoul View Post
      Jeff, Mr TS....and everyone else, whatdo you think about the DDs current victory?
      Declaration of Interest - I have occasionally written for the DDA magazine and been paid for doing so.

      I'm with the PSNC/DDA. My criticism of the PSNC is that they did not publicise their position - I only ever found it on the DDA website not on the PSNC's. - but that's pharmacy

      We are better off working together to ensure that dispensing is properly renumerated than we are fighting a turf war.

      The DDA has been clear - it would like to have funding for pharmacists.

      Pharmacists should back that idea.

      As an employee pharmacist (as most will be) does it make a difference to you who pays your wage?



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        Re: DDs

        I once applied for a contract in an area where there were dispensing doctors operating just for the hell of it. It was a hoot to hear the excuses rolled out to support the practice. I won but declined to open the pharmacy as it wouldn't have been viable!

        Dispensing doctors, in the main, operate in areas where a pharmacy couldn't make a living, especially since the ESPS has gone. Usually they have small list sizes and they couldn't make a living without dispensing.


        Clearly there are dispensing practices that run operations that are purely profit oriented, poorly run and testaments to avarice and greed.

        My own view is that there are many pharmacies in the same category and people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I understand that PSNC supported the "status quo" because they a) negotiated the current position some years ago and are wanting to be seen to be sticking to an agreement and b) require the support of medics in pushing through the White Paper proposals.

        In the wider picture, pharmacists taking on new roles, particularly prescribing, is seen by doctors to be more of a threat than pharmacists perceive dispensing doctors to be.

        I employ doctors and pharmacists in our drug treatment service and many of the doctors are worried about their future, so good are the pharmacists. I spend more time reassuring the medics than the pharmacists!

        There is a brilliant future ahead for pharmacists and we should recognise it without fighting yesterday's battles.