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Police State?-- Future of Pharmacy.

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  • Police State?-- Future of Pharmacy.

    Interested to read the PJ article on student behaviour. Worked at Lds last week and the very capable dispenser told me she was leaving after christmas.

    I asked re the delay and she said was going to get an extra £385/month working at a DD. However, she had to have a CRB check first 'because she would be working with the public'.

    I can see the day when the gvnmt will decide that all people dealing with the public 'from a position of trust' will have to have a CRB.

    Also saw the advert for Lds for Clinical Development manager which seems to be an attempt to set up a dept giving health checks and MURs in pts homes and residential homes, and no doubt suggesting where the scripts should be dispensed.

    This is something that has been suggested by upstart that individual pharmacists could do. Now being hijacked by multiples perhaps?


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    Re: Police State?-- Future of Pharmacy.

    The obvious response is to compete!

    Who the hell is "upstart"? Don't like the sound of him at all..................?