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  • asda interview

    I was wondering if any pharmacist have had job interviews with Asda. Not sure what to expect as i have been told i will be interviewd either with a Speciality Coach person or People Manager.

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    Re: asda interview

    Sending you a PM
    and Good Luck with the interview!


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      Re: asda interview

      Hi I have an interview with asda this thurdays, could anyone kindly give me any advice thanks


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        Re: asda interview

        Hi pharmacist 786

        you have posted this in 2 places so I have copied some advice here too

        A big thing to remember is that you should be checking us out as well as us interviewing you. You are going to spend a lot of your time at work so you need to be sure that you are going to enjoy it. The last thing that we want is that we take you on, you find that you are unhappy and then you leave us. Working as a pharmacist at Asda can be different from working in a small shop and that is why I would recommend that you do a few locum shifts with us, if possible, before you come for an interview.

        We tend to look at things from a customer’s point of view, so we take people on for their personality more than the class of degree that they achieved. Whilst they must have a good working knowledge of pharmacy, we are more interested in how they share this knowledge with their patients, customers and colleagues.

        Don’t apply for a job with us if all you want to do is dispense, type out labels and snip blister packs.
        Don’t apply for a job with us if you want to stay in your pharmacy and not integrate and mix with other store colleagues.

        Please do come and work with us if you want to develop your colleagues to do the technicians work.
        Please do come and work with us if you want to share your knowledge with customers in words that they can understand.
        Please do come and work with us if you can see the advantages that an Asda pharmacy can give its customers and patients.

        The format of the application and interview tends to follow this format.

        Pharmacists apply on line
        They do not need a CV but they are asked to upload certain appropriate information.
        They answer some questions so that we can get a view of their personality.
        If deemed suitable they are invited to an interview, which is conducted by the Pharmacy Coach and the General Store Manager or Store People Manager.
        The interview is in 3 parts:-
        1. You work in the pharmacy for up to 30 minutes and you are then asked to critique the pharmacy . We ask what you think is good and what you would change / improve.
        2. You are given a Scorecard which shows the performance data for a number of pharmacies - you are asked to analyse it and give feedback on what you would do if you worked in a particular pharmacy.
        3. This is followed by a 45 minute formal interview with the Coach and GSM. We do not tend to ask you to being any evidence of CPD.

        You are usually told the outcome within 24 hours – if this is not possible you will be given a date by when you will be told.

        Finally, just be yourself, enjoy the experience. If you are not successful, what have you lost? If you do end up joining us, I look forward to meeting you at 'Best Welcome' in Leeds.

        Good luck


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          Re: asda interview

          Thanks John, this will be of great help to all interviewees as a model.