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emergency supply question. . .

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  • emergency supply question. . .

    In the M.E.P is lists conditions that need to be satisfied to do the supply.

    'at the request of a patient:

    ii) that treatment with the POM requested has on a previous occasion been prescribed by a Doctor . . . for the person requesting it '

    Im trying to remember at Uni we had a time scale we used, ie the item had been prescribed in the past six months, although the MEP just states that the item has to have been previously prescribed by a Doctor.

    Any one got any guide lines or just good advice on a time scale?

    If I had been prescribed amoxicillin when I was 12 years old I could really do an emergency supply for a five day course since it has previously been prescribed by a Doctor - Surely not!!!!

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    Re: emergency supply question. . .

    I have at back of my mind that should be some sort of evidence that pt had during last month and is still on treatment. Ie chronic rather than acute.


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      Re: emergency supply question. . .

      At the end of the day whatever you do is correct, because you are the professional, and the one with the responsibility to make your own decision and choices.

      (Generally, I let them have it if it's reasonable, a repeat, and they are prepared to pay!)