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  • Dispensary Sales

    Today was asked for 100 pack of paracetamol soluble. Dispensary pack had [P] classification, but what we could not find was suitable retail price.

    Below is list from early last year, anyone have more up to date prices?

    Description Pack Price

    Co-Codamol Soluble tablets 100 7.99
    Dropper Bottle 10ml 0.69
    Emulsifying Ointment 500g 4.99
    Ephedrine Nasal Drops 1% 10ml 2.49
    Ferrous Sulphate Tabs 200mg 28 2.49
    Ferrous Sulphate Tabs 200mg 100 4.99
    Glycerl Trinitrate 500mcg 100 3.49
    Glycerol Suppositories 2g Child 12 1.49
    Glycerol suppositories 4g Adult 12 2.49
    Hydrogen Peroxide 20 Vol 200ml 0.89
    Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Vol 200ml 0.89
    Hypromellose 0.3% Eye Drops 10ml 1.99
    Liquid Paraffin 250ml 2.49
    Magnesium Hydroxide Mixture 500ml 3.79
    Magnesium Sulphate Paste 50g 1.29
    Magnesium Sulphate Paste 25g 1.09
    Normal Saline Nasal Drops 10ml 1.59
    Olive Oil 185g 2.19
    Oral Syringes 5ml 0.69
    Paracetamol 500mg Soluble Tablets 60 5.99
    Paracetamol 500mg Soluble Tablets 100 8.99
    Potassium Citrate Mixture 200ml 1.99
    Purified Water 5ltr 2.99
    Sample Bottle 20/30ml 0.69
    Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops 10ml 1.99
    Vitamin B Compound Strong Tablets 28 1.59
    White Soft Paraffin 500g 5.99

    Looked up in Drug Tariff, but classed as category 'M'.


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    Re: Dispensary Sales

    In came a couple of Parecetamol sol 100s from AAH. I was astonished to see that the trade price was now £13.29 giving a retail price of £23.42. I presume this is the result of category M?.