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    Is anyone here a PCT pharmacist? Im really interested in public health and pharmacoeconomics, can anyone give me the general jist, job opportunities? I'd love to work in public health ideally down the line as i see how frustrated hospital pharmacists get after a couple of years!

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    Re: PCT pharmacist

    I am not a PCT pharmacist but have worked as a practice pharmacist as well as being on the professional executive committee of our PCT for many years.

    Most pharmacists work at PCTs in one branch or another of medicines management. To be honest I don't know any in public health "per se" but of course a lot of public health issues involve medicines.

    There is of course no reason why a pharmacist, once in the PCT structure, couldn't avail themselves of training etc and apply for public health positions as they come up.

    The current thrust of world class commissioning may well result in less pharmacists working in provider arm activities. Such activities will become increasingly provided by contracting companies such as social enterprises and community interest companies with 3-5 years contracts as opposed to by PCTs themselves. Pharmacists would be employed in these sub contracting organisations as directors or employees. That will limit opportunities for pharmacists in PCT work in general.

    As regards the frustration of hospital pharmacists after a couple of years, what makes you think PCT pharmacists have any less frustration? Some very good friends of mine have just been involved in a grievance procedure against their employing PCT (they won) which was incredibly stressful a)as their working conditions precipitated the grievance and b) the grievance procedure itself.