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Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

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  • Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

    Hello Everyone!

    I am currently a fourth year student at The University of Brighton. I have just discovered this forum while browsing online for some starting points for my fourth year project. I was wondering if anyone here may be able to offer any help.

    I would like to look into issues of attitude, opinion and trust between patients and Pharmacists, but also perhaps between other healthcare professionals and Pharmacists. Why do people have the views that they do about our profession, what factors influence them? How much do people actually know about the skills of a Pharmacist. Why do patients seldom seem to trust what a Pharmacist says? What needs to be done to improve relationships with patients and other healthcare professionals? It would also be very interesting to look at how these points have changed over time and how they vary geographically now and why. What will the profession become in the future, is the proposed evolution of the profession in clinical roles actually feasible considering all of the above? These are still only vague ideas but I would very much appreciate any ideas anyone may have.

    I found this forum by reading a thread about a Pharmacist in an episode of the BBC's Holby City:

    I was shocked by this! Do we ever get any good press in fiction? Why? Why does it only seem to be the doctors that get all the glory? Wouldn't it be fun to petition the BBC to include a good guy Pharmacist character in Casualty or Holby City! I can see it now, a young sexy Pharmacist bursting through some double doors to save the day! Hmm.... as if. If anything, it'd be a dottery old man Pharmacist who nearly kills some one by mixing up some vials of some drug and a hip young house officer that saves the day. It's not fair!

    I am looking for any opinions anyone may have on these points, anthing at all would be brilliant to read. I was also be especially grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of any good sources, online or otherwise, to give me anymore information on any of this.

    If you leave a comment would you possibly also be able to leave your age, sex, what field of Pharmacy you work in and where you work just so I can get a better feel of who and where any comments come from.

    Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully we can do what we can to improve our profession.

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    Re: Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

    Regret pharmacy was stated to be the 'handmaid of medicine'. we were, now we are whipping boys/girls.


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      Re: Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

      Hi Jobaho,
      I'm going into my third year of pharmacy at Nottingham, and I understand what you're saying. I have been working in a Pharmacy over summer, and I have noticed that some people can be very ignorant towards the skills and knowledge of the pharmacist. The pressures that are put upon pharmacists and as we well know, the challenges of the MPharm course (!), are increasingly more intense. I have lectures with medical students, and you may also. Notice the content and level of detail into the physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and to some extents pathology in their course, is pretty much equal to ours.
      I had a day in the previous year, when in the first two hour lecture with the medics, we looked at the physiology of the lower GI tract, in the next lecture we studied the detailed synthesis of complex heterocyclic molecules. The next lecture, we scrambled through the equations of Fourier Analysis in spectroscopy, and then finished off the day with a ton of pharmacology.....and I've had many other days similar to this.
      Im sure you have met the same extremes as above. I would also like to say, I have many good friends who are medics, and I have full respect for the challenges of their work. But, I feel that sometimes the medics seem to get all the academic recognition. I suppose the media and entertainment industry are aware of peoples trust in doctors, and so continue to portray them as "the gods of healthcare" despite the skills and efforts of anyone working alongside them.
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        Re: Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

        I don't agree that the public don't trust us, I actually think we have a huge amount of trust and respect from the public - if they don't trust the pharmacy they will go elsewhere. I know we all have patients who are a pain and who don't seem to listen to what we say, but I've also heard more than a few patients moaning about their GP. And remember that pharmacists have contact with more patients than GPs do.


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          Re: Issues of Attitude, Opinion and Trust

          Is your supervisor xxxxxx xxxxxx? Sounds like something that would be up hxx street!

          Band6 (ex Brighton Student)
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