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Expiry of Opened Liquids

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  • Expiry of Opened Liquids

    Can anyone remember the Society issuing guidance on expiry dates for opened liquid medicines?

    I have a copy of their fact sheet "Products with a short shelf life" (available at

    I'm sure it used to state something on the bottom about it being good practice to use open liquids within 3 or 6 months but I can't remember which!?

    Can anyone confirm whether open liquids should be used within 3 or 6 months (or whether it is a completely different time frame!?)


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    Re: Expiry of Opened Liquids

    depends on the liquid - to some it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. One regular one i come across is oramorph - only lasts 90 days from first opening. Just wonderful when the doc prescribes an odd quantity that you can't make up from the 100, 300 or 500ml...
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      Re: Expiry of Opened Liquids

      Yes, I realise that it depends on the liquid - with some being more / less stable than others. However, RPSGB recommend as a good practice measure that when any liquid preparation is opened it is advisable to write on the container either the date the product was opened or the date the product expires, to avoid the supply of a medicine whose integrity is unknown.

      Following on from this I wonder whether anyone can remember what the recommendation was for disposing of opened liquids. I seen to remember a figure of 3 or 6 months. I am now wondering whether this was from the RPSGB website or a verbal recommendation from an inspector. Obviously, different liquids will vary, but for the majority there must be a "rule of thumb" which we can follow. After all, they cannot remain on the shelf indefinitely once they have been opened.