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  • Linnear
    I know what you mean but you could see that this old lady was very worried and she left the shop looking much happier than when she came in.

    (Only another few thousand more good deeds and I might go to heaven!) :lol:

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  • admin
    Patient Advice


    I have also had people telling me that type of "doom and gloom" diagnosis from their GP. I often wonder though if the patient is telling the truth (not saying your lady was lying)

    I say this because if I had a quid for every time a strapping six footer was stood in front of me saying "The Dr says I'll never work again....." you get the idea. I always think "Stephen Hawkins works" but obviously don't comment.

    The government is trying to get to grips with the whole disability issue, but it will be a hard road for them. The other day I say a woman walking normally to the surgery (next to the pharmacy) with her walking stick under her arm! About six foot from the door she used it, and put on the most fake awful limp I have ever seen!

    Being disabled myself this is a subject I obviously take an interest in.

    Did you see the front of the PJ and the paper about disabled pharmacy students?

    Just my opinions of course..........


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  • Linnear
    started a topic Wonderful Bedside Manner

    Wonderful Bedside Manner

    Hi there!

    Had a woman in her 70's come in yesterday with her daughter asking about pain relief.

    She said that the Diclofenac weren't working. So I asked if she'd told the doctor. She sais that she had and she was booked in for blood tests.

    WE got talking for about 10-15 mins because she was obviously distressed by the pain and lack of sleep caused by the Arthritis.

    From her symptoms and the look of her joints I'd guess that she had Rheumatoid Arthritis. But I told her that they wouldn't know for sure until they did the tests. I felt it was better to try to stop her worrying than tell her an unfounded theory on my part.

    (I did tell her about RA and OA and treatment options.)

    She then said that the Dr had told her that she'd be housebound in 18 month!

    So I told her that the Doc meant that she'd be like that without treatment but if she gets treatment she shoudl be alright.

    If I told a customer that she could report me to the RPSGB and I'd probably end up before the Stat Committee.

    Talk about your double standards! :evil: