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Lacking stability

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  • Lacking stability

    Just come to my attention in the last 2 months that UK Pharmacy in general is lacking stability. The reason I say this is because:
    - remote supervision
    - more and more pharmacy schools opening
    - some gp's opening up pharmacies/dispensaries within their own surgery therefore eliminating need to go to a local pharmacy
    - independets having to fire staff due to category m cuts

    Is this a bad phase where there will be unemployment, wage cuts etc in the next 5 year. It seems to me that the UK is very unstable compared to USA, Canada etc in this issue.

    So are we unstable?
    3rd yr pharmacy student - bath

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    Re: Lacking stability

    In all my nigh 60 years in pharmacy, have always been doom and gloom. However, would agree that next few years could be rather rocky for a basic pharmacist. Me, I will be gone at end of next year.


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      Re: Lacking stability

      problem could be solved by the use of gum arabic.
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