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About to start work..advice & other info

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  • About to start work..advice & other info

    HI all, just passed my exam, after about a year stop gap, and now it's time to work!
    No really idea of what I want. In the future thinking of doing 1/2 hospital & 1/2 community.
    At the moment, need some cash to pay of debts etc.
    Looking to get an accountant, sort out insurance, speak to others first, get in touch with locums.
    I know a lot jump into locuming first and are fine about it. Some say work for a company till you find your feet because as a locum you have no one to turn to, etc
    What do you think? Leaning towards locuming to start with for a few months and see how it goes.
    Any advice? Well nervous about 'getting out there'!
    Any recommended texts I should carry apart from the usual? Perhaps a pocket sized Stockley? Anything else I should know?

    I know it's a big forum and will be reading through it, but any current paths that community and hospital going down...opinions on both? Wouldn't to solely hospital due to initial pay, NHS being a bit of a mess and recent experience of it being way more hectic than community. Conversely, the lack of knowledge used in community, the potential boredom/repetitive nature, longer hours, etc

    Feels like so much to think about, overwhelmed!
    Want to be able to have a varied career, get a decent pay, use knowledge to an extent, meet people. Possibility of prescribing for me in the future.

    Don't seem to get info on branch meetings, can't find anything on the net?

    Any CPPE/other courses I should look into?

    Any advice, comments appreciated.