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    I am a second year pharmacy undergraduate.firstly i want to thank the creaters of this forum am finding it really useful ,secondly i have a few questions to ask and i would be grateful if you could reply:
    What kind of jobs can a pharmacy student do in a pharmacy because i need to get some work experience as i got rejected from boots and lloyds summer placement programme..and i have been told that i cant get apre reg place without doing the summer placement programme, which is starting to make me really worried :S
    Also i was wondering if anyone did their pre reg in a hospital and what kind of work experience did they have before applying? also is it harder to get a place in hospital?
    Thank you

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    Re: questions

    firstly, don't worry about getting a placement! most places will still happily take you on without prior company experience. Boots and lloyds are a bit sniffy but equally good pre-reg courses can be found with other companies. Last I heard, the tesco pre-reg program was a good one...

    Rowlands and the co-op are people worth talking to if you're still dead-set on working in a pharmacy over the summer. You could also do worse that ringing a few supermarkets - they often struggle to find assistant cover over the summer months...

    I've never worked in hospital (apart from uni ward rounds in year 4) but i believe lazy did a stint in one...
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      Re: questions

      Hey La Amour (that names sounds so romantic!)

      Which area are you from?

      Have looked on to see all the local pharmacies and hospitals in your area?

      Does it have to be a local post? you could travel a bit or stay over - just to get a few days experience (this is what i did)

      Have a look at this……

      Pharmacy Sales Assistant East Acton, W3 Retail jobs London

      You could try ‘The locum agency’ or ‘mediplacements’ website…see if they can find you a pharmacy assistant position……try it!!!

      I did my pre-reg in hospital last yr. I loved it - why?

      1. Lots of variety, as you rotate accross aseptics, medicines information, Dispensary and various wards...lots of clinical training...
      2. You have regular pre-reg study days regionally.
      3. Two OSCE's, Checking exam and mock tests.

      I only had few days unpaid experience in hospital...the rest were community placements I did each summer.

      Heres a previous post I put up for sum1 who asked a similar question....

      Its gud to have some pharmacy experience before you apply for pre-reg, but it won’t stop you from getting a pre-reg place.

      Have you tried?

      1. Pharmalife website for hospital
      2. Pharmalife – NPA community jobs
      3. Pj online – jobs/careers sections
      4. Speak 2 sum1 at Uni
      5. Your local pharmacies – ask if they can take on a pre-reg. you can check if they can train pre-regs by looking at the RPSGB (preregistration training sites)

      I know many people who had no pharmacy work experience, but were really keen students. They went on holidays during the summer etc etc. They still got placements in good community posts like Boots, lloyds and very famous teaching hospitals like Charing cross.

      I also knew a student who got a 1st at Uni, she went thru clearing because she cud not secure a place. She ended up in an independent chemist and she did very well. I know because I was the summer student there. She got one-2-one attention and the pharmacist there was great. After she got the pre-reg experience, passed the exam, she cud go where ever she wanted.

      I mean to say, dnt worry n keep trying u will get a place. You just need to get thru the pre-reg year, pass the exam and make the most of it.

      Getting your first job after qualifying is harder, esp 4 hospital….

      Gud luck, hope it all goes well….

      Have a look ay my other posts...about interviews and pre-reg places.
      Thanx Sir Dispensalot
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        Re: questions

        thank you for the replies, I found them very useful