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Customer Confusion

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  • Customer Confusion

    Today lady appeared at counter with several items. A hair slide at £1.99 and an Excellence Hair dye at £6.79 were among them. I started ringing them up and told her that she had a BOGOF offer on shampoo. Oh! says she- 'it says Summer Items BOGOF and I have bought the hair slide and therefore should get the hair dye free'. She apparently thought that if she bought any item, she could get any other item for free. Naturally she would buy a cheap item and expect the expensive one free.

    In the end she bought nothing and stomped out.

    Brightened up a somewhat boring day with only 33 items.

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    Re: Customer Confusion

    We get this all the time John ... some people can't understand the concept of 3 for 2! Variations on the theme are

    Buy 3 items and get 2 extra items free on top of the 3 paid for??
    Buy 3 items and get get two of the three free??
    Oh I don't want a third pack (but its FREE??)
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      Re: Customer Confusion

      I'm not sure if this counts, But I've just had a note from a methadone addict:

      "Dear Pharmertits,

      I think that counts as confusion.
      ....just my opinion