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Kiwi pharmacist wanting to register

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  • Kiwi pharmacist wanting to register

    Hi, I am posting this on behalf of a colleague back in NZ. She wishes to get qualified over here before the 30th June deadline. However her situation (child still at school - age 13) means that she can only stay over here for 3-4 months at the moment.
    She is a very dedicated pharmacist, she got her degree in Dunedin, finishing in 2002 (I think), she completed the degree as an adult student, which with a young family was a major feat!
    If there is someone out there that knows of anyone willing to take on the month of training, and the application of a work permit, I can put you in touch with Veronica, or give more background as required.
    Wishing you all a good week at work! :P

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    Hi Womble

    I have forwarded your post to a friend of mine who might be able to help. As soon as I get an answer I will post back to you. If it's more then a couple of days I know other people who might be able to help.
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      Reciprocal Registration

      The reciprocal registration changes are lunacy in my view.
      However, the only advice would be for her partner to take a sabbatical from his employment and for her to come to the UK PDQ to get registered before the time runs out.
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      How times change.

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