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  • Keeping up to date.....

    Hey ppl

    This may not be everyone’s favorite topic…but I wud really like to know how does everyone keep up to date (CPD)

    Is it always harder for junior’s to keep up to date with their knowledge?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    What are you doing for your CPD (in 2-3 lines, nothing complicated)?
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    Re: Keeping up to date.....

    cpd? mostly burying my head in the sand.....

    most of my cpd tends to be reactive - not always the best way tbh but i'm lazy - if there's something that comes up that i haven't got a clue about then i'll do a module on it or do some research.
    Sometimes a specific skill is needed to participate in something eg the repeat dispensing module, EHC via PGD etc

    I got nearly a year's worth from doing the medway course on MURs back in 2005 .

    Sometimes i'll be skimming through cppe's modules or the npa's stuff - if something crops up that catches my interest and i'm on the graveyard shift at work i'll have a chug through an online module or two.

    The hardest thing i found was starting...

    “It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing.”

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      Re: Keeping up to date.....

      Mine is patient centred, and as such almost random in nature.

      Dementia patient couldn't get the hang of the box, so came in every day to take his tablets. So start looking up dementia, most of which isn't patient centred - end up looking at the Alzheimers forum for real world information.

      Addiction, you can see when (some) patients are about to relapse, what do you do? (I've already dipped into CBT - but it didn't offer much of an answer - so ask on the SMMGP forum - and get pointed to motivational interviewing)

      There was a thread (here?) on epilepsy and word loss - that's CPD.

      Then log it (or not).



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        Re: Keeping up to date.....

        Mines quite random. Got this years done as had to do loads as part of the diploma.

        I tend to come up against something new, read up, sort the original problem, and then write it up as CPD. I guess I'm reactive rather than proactive.
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          Re: Keeping up to date.....

          I base my CPPE plan on my encroaching senility, so I go to all the CPPE workshops I can. I find that painless. I do the online assessments asap before the freshness fades! I have been known to record the questions on tape in case I fail the assessment, but usually there is loads of time to look up every question.

          I do another job requiring CPD so if there is a crossover CPD opportunity I'm in there!

          I use the desktop system of recording. It works well for me, as I use a USB stick to carry about the up-to-date file, and wherever I do a regular locum I put the program on their hard drive. I don't write much.
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            Re: Keeping up to date.....

            I resigned at their own behest, don't pay them any more money, and don't do CPD, as they can't enforce it. Pretty good really. Check Ireland out lads...€100K p.a. sound good?
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