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loss of speech symptoms. . .

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  • loss of speech symptoms. . .

    Hi Guys

    I wonder if you any one could help, sorry for the long mail but want to give you as much detail as possible.

    My brother in law is epileptic, currently taking lamotrigine. He is 25 and been diagnosed since he was 17. Recently he has been experiencing loss of speech for a minute or two at a time. Its happening about five or six times a day.
    I saw him last night and saw him having one and it doesnt look like a seizure or an absence seizure. He'll be telling a story and then stop in his tracks for a minute. He knows when its happening as he waves his hands as if to egg the words out. There is no loss of consciousness or memory. Then he'll take a few breathes and wait and then his speech returns.

    He has seen his GP and he said thet he must be down to stressed and its nothing to do with his epilepsy. He got a second opinion from a second GP with the same response - if it is still happening in a week come back. He went to a walk in centre and the nurse examined him and said he had slightly swollen glands in his throat and quiet waxy ears!!! He even went to the neurological department at the hospital and they couldnt see him without a referal through his GP.

    Has any one ever heard or experienced these?
    What are peoples thoughts?
    Does it sound epilepsy related? Stress related?
    Can anyone shed any light?

    Thanks for any advice!!

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    Re: loss of speech symptoms. . .

    it's not out of the bounds of possibility that it could be a secondary seizure localised around his speech centre - not big enough to trigger a full seizure. Also consider the possibility of a transient ischaemic attack ('mini stroke').

    more than likely though it could be a stress-induced stammer - i get both a stammer and a stutter when really tired/stressed and it is incredibly annoying especially when counselling a patient!
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      Re: loss of speech symptoms. . .

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