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  • Foil Pack problems

    I myself have had simvastatin tabs where foil was coming away from the blister, yesterday pt came in with remains of CP brand levothyroxine 25mcg foil strip. As she attempted to pop the tablets, they simply turned to powder.
    poor compression, moisture entry? Anyone else had problems?

    By the way, an error ocurred in another store and included in pharm sups newsletter as a warning of amitryptylline 25mgs given out instead of levothyroxine 25mcgs. Packs are well nigh identical for CP brand.

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    Re: Foil Pack problems

    The packaging CP pharma use is dreadful - the packs are all virtually identical. Beware of bendroflumethiazide and prednisolone, the packs are the same size.


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      Re: Foil Pack problems

      Had a similar problem a couple of years ago with a couple of different generics. Phoned my supplier only to be told that because i couldn't tell them which order they came from they wouldn't credit me. Grrrr! Still, was only a couple of quid out of pocket so wasn't too bothered.

      I rang the companies involved to let them know (in case of a faulty batch) and they sent out couriers to collect the duff ones and then sent us replacements out the next day via courier - very impressive! Also had a nice little 'thankyou and sorry' note put in one lot from the company.

      Now i get my dispensers to give boxes a little shake when they are putting stock away - if there's lots of rattly little bits inside then the foil will be duff again - they might be annoyed by this but at least it'll save all the rigmarole with our supplier again...
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