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  • Prograf prescription. . .

    Hi guys

    56 Prograf caps one at night.

    How many would you dispense, what pack size would you use and what would you endorse?

    You have packs of 50, 60 and 100.

    Answers on a postcard.

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    Re: Prograf prescription. . .

    Sub pack is 10 so would dispense 60.
    Aren't the 60 packs PI's? Can only see 50 or 100 listed as UK brand

    Would normally dispense from 50 pack so would endorse

    60/50*2 broken bulk claimed

    BUT.. shouldn't Prograf be a BD dosage?


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      Re: Prograf prescription. . .

      Chap was on a BD dosage a while ago and hospital has reduced it to nightly. Quiried it with his GP and the GP is just acting on hospital letter.


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        Re: Prograf prescription. . .

        I woudn't BB it because it only last 3 months after the foil has been open. It is a special container, so dispense 60 if you have 60 in stock, or 50 if you have 50 in stock. Not 100, because you should dispense it to the nearest sub-pack avaiable.