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    Like me, does anyone else think that the cover shot on 18th March is totally inappropriate?

    The photograph of a pair of hands catching all this lovely money implies that pharmacists are making a bundle. At least the article by Debbie Andalo makes sense and highlights the fact that pharmacists are suffering financially.

    The cover of a magazine says a lot about the content. The photo editor that chose this shot obviously has not read the piece or has a strange sense of humour.

    Is it me? :evil:

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    Sorry I meant to reply to this ages ago. Yes I thought it looked like we were just rolling in cash!

    No it isn't you. People will see that picture, maybe from observing a pharmacist reading their journal, when possibly having a lunch???

    I did like the article about disabled students, but I thought the inclusion of people with asthma etc somewhat altered the figures.
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