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    Hi, can someone please tell me what the legislation is regarding OTC requests for animals. Does the customer need the recommendation of a vet or can they just ask for something themselves? Also, is there a list specifying which drugs are licensed for which animals?

    The MEP doesn't seem to give a clear cut answer or maybe I just can't see it.

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    veterinary druts etc

    you've opened a can of worms here!
    I believe the legislation regarding the supply of veterinary medicines is currently undergoing a radical shake-up, led by the European Commision (if anyons says "bloody Brussels" I swear I'm logging off!!!), and aimed at greater choice for consumers.
    At present the vet. pharmaceutical industry are colluding with vets and vet wholesalers to keep business among themselves and prices high: over 50% of vets' income is derived from profit margins of drugs they use or sell to animal owners, I learnt on the 5-day residential course for the RPSGB diploma in agricultural & veterinary Pharmacy in 1999.
    There have been several landmark changes in the regulation of vet medicines in the last 12 months, I suggest you check out the PJ online for more info; but I fear we have a long road ahead of us, as the animal OTC market seems to be a jealously-guarded one!
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      Animal Drugs

      Also complicated by the fact that drugs often have a different legal class for animal use and also you have pitfalls to avoid such as:

      aspirin is toxic to cats

      penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs

      A dose of morphine that would kill you or I would simply give your average household canine a good nap.


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        animal drugs

        aspirin, toxic for cats?
        According to my reference textbooks on veterinary therapeutics, published by the APB (association pharmaceutique de Belgique- algemene pharmaceutische bond),the maximum dose for aspirin for cats is 10mg/kg bodyweight every 48 hours; Paracetamol however is totally contraindicated as cats' livers cannot perform glucuronoconjugation and therefor cannot metabolise paracetamol safely.
        Ibuprofen is also contraindicated for both dogs and cats as it readily causes stomach ulceration in these species.
        I strongly recommend the 6th edition of the British Veterinary Formulary, published by the Pharmaceutical Press ( to anyone with an interest in this underrated branch of expertise!
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