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  • Practising Pharmacy In canada

    I am a registered practising Pharmacist here in the UK and I am thinking of emigrating to Canada, does anyone have any advise about the exams etc. to be able to practise in Canada?

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    Re: Practising Pharmacy In canada

    u just missed the deadline for th july exam. Anyway u need to apply to have your documents evaluated, then you can apply for the first exam (every 6 months in london). Will cost you £680 in total. If you pass (higher than 50% fail rate) you apply for part two where ou must go to canada, take a practical exam and then go in front of a board who will decide how much pre-reg you need (0-20 weeks, remember it can be 0). Then you get yer visa, sell your english dump and buy a mansion with a pool and a moose for the same price. Watch UFC, Hockey, WWE. You need to find the Pharmacy examining board of canada on google. I wish someone had been as helpful as this when I asked that question.