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  • Retail or hospital?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum. I've been reading it for a while but only now decided to post. This might have been discussed before but here it goes:
    I'm a 30 yo mature student and have just been offered a place to study pharmacy. The Uni I'm going to it's clear about wanting to train pharmacists for the NHS. I love the idea of when I graduate (long time to go!) working in a hospital setting and deal with patients in wards as a clinical pharmacist.
    But I'll be 36 when I register, and to be honest, money is important! I've got a family to support and after 4 years at Uni the sooner I get a good wage the better...
    I just ask for your honest idea on how wages and career progression work in both settings please.
    I've been told that working in retail is far better paid (employed or locum). I've also been told that they're both equally competitive and I might as well make a choice as early as possible so that I can get placements during the summer gaining experience on what I intend to do. Is all of this correct?
    Finally - is it possible to do the pre-reg in hospital; and maybe a year or two for the NHS, and then if I feel stucked and underpaid move to retail?How easy is for that to happen?
    My Uni really tries and place us all with the NHS if possible.In the lectures there's always the "when you become a pharmacist working for the NHS"!
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Retail or hospital?

    If working in hospital, can always do locums to supplement pay. Much easier to move from hospital to community. Salary progression in hospital. None in retail other than what will be paid according to supply and demand.
    However, retail is attractive to indebted students as initial pay higher than hospital, but do not forget Saturday/ Sunday locums and could also work a week or so of long NHS holidays.


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      Re: Retail or hospital?

      OK.Thanks a lot.
      That makes sense.Work for the NHS, get further training and career progression and just do some locum work (retail I suppose?) on holds and weekends when money is short...Sounds great!
      Thanks again