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  • Pharmacists on MSN

    Saw this today... surprised we got on the list! Saying that, do any of you out there actually get this much on a regular basis?!

    Jobs That Pay £25 Per Hour
    Paul MacKenzie-Cummins for

    1. Midwife
    Job description: Midwifes provide care and support for women and their partners during the prenatal, antenatal and postnatal stages of pregnancy up to day 28 of a newborn child’s life. Midwives will care for infants and provide health education and parenting support.
    Entry requirements: Midwifery qualification is essential with the option of undertaking further study at Diploma or Degree level. Registered nurses can do a 12-18 month conversion course.
    Average salary: £41,625

    2. Building Project Manager
    Job description: Responsible for overseeing the planning, management and coordination of a construction project and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.
    Entry requirements: A degree accredited by the Institute of Civil Engineers.
    Average salary: £42,060

    3. Network Engineer
    Job description: Responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of new and existing computer communication networks, such as LANS and WANS. Network engineers may work internally as part of an organisation's IT support team or externally as part of a consultancy firm working with a number of clients.
    Entry requirements: Degree (any discipline)/HND Diploma and ideally a Cisco Certification such as CCNA, CCDA, CCNP or CCDP and a minimum 3+ years experience in a Network Design Engineering role or similar.
    Average salary: £42,220

    4. Tax Accountant
    Job description: Tax accountants advise clients, explain complicated legislation and offer assistance on all aspects of taxation in order to create the best tax strategies and plan their clients' financial futures. Typically, they will calculate their clients’ tax liability, submit tax returns by the relevant deadline, and deal with HM Customs & Revenue.
    Entry requirements: Any degree discipline is accepted, however, a business, economics, mathematics or law-related degree is preferable followed by completing the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Chartered Tax Account exams.
    Average salary: £41,550

    5. Pharmacist
    Job description: Advises and supplies customers with NHS-prescribed medication and over-the-counter remedies. Some pharmacists will also offer specialist health check services, such as blood pressure monitoring and diabetes screening.
    Entry requirements: Degree in Pharmacy followed by one year's pre-registration training and completion of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society examination.
    Average salary: £41,950

    6. Estimator
    Job description: The role of an estimator is to source and prepare a selection of sub contractor quotations, calculate the preliminary costs of a given project - including cost of materials and labour - and final negotiations.
    Entry requirements: Degree in Engineering.
    Average salary: £43,429

    7. Product Manager
    Job description: Product Managers work within an organisation’s marketing department and their remit is to manage and develop a product within a particular marketplace. For instance, it could be to promote a Bank’s first-time buyer’s mortgage offer or a retailer’s new line of clothing. Managers will conduct risk assessments, produce product costings, copy writing and artwork, manage the entire product lifecycle, pre-production samples, customer presentations and signoffs.
    Entry requirements: University degree (any discipline).
    Average salary: £41,612

    8. Policy Manager
    Job description: Managers are employed within central and local government offices to draft briefs and advice decision-makers on what policy direction to take based on their research, working knowledge and understanding of the issues being deliberated upon. Their role will usually involve liaison with key partner organisations and to
    undertake a lead role in representing members’ views via targeted lobbying activity with relevant local, regional and national organisations and government departments with the aim of shaping policy decisions and strategy development.
    Entry requirements: An Honours degree in any subject.
    Average salary: £41,549

    9. Medical Sales Consultant
    Job description: Medical recruitment consultants are the highest earning staffing consultants in the industry, primarily because of their specialist knowledge and the complex nature of the positions being recruited for within public/private hospitals, social services and local authorities.
    Entry requirements: No specific educational requirements, however, candidates with a degree will be more marketable - personable people with great people skills are worth more than any degree and promotion is based upon successful sales conversion.
    Average salary: £41,243

    10. Area Sales Manager
    Job description: Responsible for growing sales and delivering profit targets by leading, inspiring and developing salespeople within a set geographical area. This could involve recruiting managers, organise product promotions, conduct regular business reviews or write reports and deliver presentations.
    Entry requirements: Entrants start at trainee level upon graduation and can quickly move up the career ladder to senior management if consistently achieving targets on sales and profits.
    Average salary: £42,500

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    Re: Pharmacists on MSN

    Over 41.9k? Yes--have done for over 5 years.

    25/hr? Not necessarily, but more hours and mileage compensates.


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      Re: Pharmacists on MSN

      I'd get just over that figure if I only worked 4 days/week...
      Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!


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        Re: Pharmacists on MSN

        Used to work for small independent at £60k but as we sold out I now locum for £25 ph plus expenses.
        Depends on how good you are. I think the "average" of £41k is about right as full time salaries range from £35k to £60k+

        In this world you either get paid for what you know/how good you are or the risk you take - pharmacy is a bit of both!


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          Re: Pharmacists on MSN

          Thank you for your Job Details!