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broken bulk / out of pocket

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  • broken bulk / out of pocket

    can anyone give me an expample of both of these??
    a script for broken bulk
    a script for out of pocket exspense ??
    many thanks

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    Re: broken bulk / out of pocket

    Broken bulk:
    I was presented yesterday with a script for 84 Colazide capsules; as these only come sold in packs of 130 capsules, I've had to but a tub of 130 caps from the Wholesalers, but I'd only get paid for 84 caps on this script, and as I don't have any other patients on Colazide, I'll be stuck with the remaining 46 capsules on my shelf, probably until they go out of date; I therefore have endorsed the script "Claim Broken Bulk", so that the NHS will reimburse me for the full tub of 130 caps, and have written "broken bulk claimed 4/4/2008" on the box of capsules that is going to stay on my shelf, so that, in the unlikely event that I did get another Rx for colazide in the next 6 months, I'd know not to claim broken bulk for it again...
    Out-of-pocket expenses:
    I've had to order made-to-measure compression stockings from a specialist manufacturers, and they've charged me for Postage & packaging, so I've endorsed the script accordingly: "P+P, £7.50 out-of-pocket expense".
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      Re: broken bulk / out of pocket

      Hi i know you posted this reply ages ago, but i am doing the dispensers course and need a script for a hosiery made to measure but can't find one anywhere ,i was wondering if you still remembered which stocking you ordered made to measure, i'd be really grateful if you could help me thanks


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        Re: broken bulk / out of pocket

        Of course if you break bulk for dressings, won't get paid.

        This is the form I used to use.