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Doctors prescribing for themselves. . .

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  • Doctors prescribing for themselves. . .

    I got a private prescription today for venlafaxine xl 75mg caps 14 capsules, from a doctor who has prescribed it for herself.

    She is working in a local hospital, GMC number is fine so she's qualified to write prescriptions and all legal particulars were correct on prescription for a private script.

    What are peoples thoughts on self prescribing venlafaxine?

    Is it legal? I cant find a reason why it wouldn't be legal?

    I think it is not very good practice but should we be refusing to dispense?

    Ive got her coming back tomorrow so gives me a bit of time to think about it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Doctors prescribing for themselves. . .

    The pharmacy where i locum has stopped Dr's from self prescribing by order of the pharmacy inspector!!
    Apparently it was getting out of hand!
    We had an elderly Dr self-prescribing lorazepam for years until it was stopped.
    Most Dr's coming in have been Ok about this but one or two have been awkward!
    Generally it is not considered good practice to self-prescribe (mainly due to the Shipman case) and in other shops where i locum i always mention it to any Dr's who self-prescribe.


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      Re: Doctors prescribing for themselves. . .

      There was an article in the BMJ some years ago advising Drs that it was unethical to prescribe for themselves and family. I had a copy of this and showed it to every Dr self prescribing. One or two got a bit cross but all said, well OK but it is not illegal.

      Certainly I would be unhappy with psychotropics.



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        Re: Doctors prescribing for themselves. . .

        im sure all doctors are aware of this fact, and its hammered into them in their training, its just theyre too lazy or too proud to go to one of their colleague for such a thing.
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