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  • Further CD delights

    Script yesterday for eqasym caps 20mg x 30 but quantity in words left off. I searched in vain for latest BNF, so sent pt back to adjacent sgy. Pt returned with amendment but said Dr said not necessary under new regs. My copy of MEP is July 2007. So what are new BNF rules on what is required on a script?

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    Re: Further CD delights

    From BNF 57
    Prescripiton Requirements for CD's

    The Rx must always state:
    'either the total quantity(in both words and figures) of the preparation, or the number(in both words and figures) of dosage units.........'

    'A pharmacist can amend a script if it specifies total quantity only in words or in figures or if it contains minor typographical errors.....'

    So Dr. had written Rx incorrectly but you could have amended Rx yourself.


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      Re: Further CD delights

      Amendable. I think you need to clearly attributed the amendment to yourself, the pharmacist


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        Re: Further CD delights

        Had the woman at Lambeth info laughing a while ago when I asked if I couls alter a spelling mistake on a CD Rx.

        She said yes.

        I said that's good because the Drs spelt tabs C A P S!
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          Re: Further CD delights

          Unable to find exact thread, but some time back query re script for MST 20mg and whether could give 2 x10mg.

          Checking the CD cupd the other day, I noticed MST 20mg and investigated.
          Discovered is granule form.Perhaps thsi is what hospital Dr wanted. So often they just put down dose and do not indicate dosage form.


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            Re: Further CD delights

            If dosage form omitted then script is invalid.

            Scripts for CDs must include the form and strength of the preparation.

            Prescriptions for MST must specify 'tablets' or 'suspension' (i.e. 'MST Continus tablets' or 'MST continus suspension')

            Bounce all scripts that do not comply straight back to the prescriber - why should we be put in the position of dispensing illegal CD scripts?

            I send them all back - no ifs or buts. After all the doctors are paid at least double what we are and should be able issue a CD script - it's hardly rocket science!