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Dishonest but Desperate

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  • Dishonest but Desperate

    Hey all
    I'm newly registered but have been regularly tracking this forum for the last months or so.
    I have applied to pharmacy and recieved several interviews at university, but I have a problem:
    I was promised one week of work experience where I could shadow the pharmacist at a community pharmacy, however it could only be booked for after the cut off date for UCAS applications so I thought there would be no harm in writing it in my personal statement. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was told I could no longer shadow the pharmacist. I only have a few days before my first interview and have not been able to find any where which will be able to provide me with work exp. so soon.

    So this is where I need to ask you to help me in being dishonest and could try to provide me with any experiences I would have gained.

    I am terribly sorry for putting you and myself in this situation but would greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    Re: Dishonest but Desperate

    Oh dear what with the erstwhile percy plum we are weaving a tangled web. You could just say had expected to have the work experience so put it down as would have had by time of interview, but unfortunately did not happen.

    Reminds me of when a royal columnist (marion crawford) described Ascot in detail in Womans Own, but it was cancelled that year.


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      Re: Dishonest but Desperate

      You now have your first experience of acting as a pharmacist would.Your future career, if successful, will provide endless opportunities where a lie would be easy and the truth difficult, but unavoidable morally.

      If you are honest with your interviewers then it can only act in your favour.


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        Re: Dishonest but Desperate

        Be honest and explain what happened but also show your initiative and explain what you would have expected to see the pharmacist do.

        I know this is what you are asking us but it's not that difficult to find out for yourself - I've certainly read similar threads on the forum.


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          Re: Dishonest but Desperate

          Thanks for the replies

          I was hoping you wouldn't say that, you are probably right and I should just take the hit but I am just sooo dreading my interviews, just having a few points to talk about if I was asked about my work experience would put my mind at rest.

          argh I am in such a pickle.


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            Re: Dishonest but Desperate

            imagine ur a qualilfied pharmacist and in a similar situation. but this time, if anyone found out about ur lie u cud end up infront of the statutory committee being struck off with ur career in tatters.
            what choice would u make then? lie or tell the truth?
            this is what being a pharmacist is all about, and if ur thinking of lieing in interview then this job isnt for u.
            go into independent pharmacies and ask if you can do a day or two just for experience. explain the situation about what has happened and that u really need some insight into phamracy. don't do it on the fone, actually go into the shops. independents are privatley owned pharmacies and i'm sure they would take u for a day or two. don't bother with boots, lloyds, superdrug etc... go in at 10am before they have a mad rush of customers.
            best of luck


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              Re: Dishonest but Desperate

              Originally posted by soontobe View Post
              argh I am in such a pickle.
              No you're not.

              Pharmacists code of ethics demands that we admit our mistakes.

              If you can - e-mail the university first and explain the mistake.

              As soon as you get to the interview the first thing you say is that you have made a mistake on your personal statement.

              With lots of candidates it immediately sets you apart from the others.

              You will be remembered (and for the right reasons)

              The courage required to go into an interview an volunteer that you have made a mistake will impress.

              I think you are on to a sure-fire winner.



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                Re: Dishonest but Desperate

                Daily dilemmas are part of the job.
                I agree be honest - simply explain that you were promised a placement but that it did not happen and that in the meantime you have tried to obtain a placement.

                In my interview I was asked "so why pharmacy"
                I explained that I actually had 2 places to study medicine but got a poor grade in my physics A level but I felt that I couldn't have worked any harder so re-sitting it wasn't an option and that my careers teacher advised pharmacy and I got this interview through clearing.

                I got the place.