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can u tell me please..

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  • can u tell me please..

    Hi every1,
    i hav completed my 4yr parmacy program .. unfortunately i cud nt do my m.pharm, as the masters was nt in my city it was in the out skirts n my family did nt supported me to stay far off frm home.. so lately i joined a "Post graduation diploma in health care management " (PGDHM) frm DR.REDDY'sLABORATORIES
    i jst wanted to know if ne one f u hav ne information abt the course future prospect along side my pharmacy degree.
    am in a confused state what to do in future how well i can make use of my pharmacy degree along side this PGDHAM course. lemme tell u doing a PGDHM coure fetch u job as assistant physician .
    i want to know the value of this at ur place.

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    Assistant physician ?


    I have never heard of the post of as assistant physician in the UK. Here you are a pharmacist or a physician. You cannot be both, unless you study to become a pharmacist, and then re-train to become a physician.

    I think the course you are taking may help you in India, but would only maybe help you get a hospital post here in the UK. I have never heard of the course you are taking, so do not know if it is of any real value here. Why don't you e-mail the company and ask them ?
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