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Laws Concerning Pharmacy Education and Practice

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  • Laws Concerning Pharmacy Education and Practice

    I am working with the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, the state body responsible for regulating the practice and education of pharmacy in the country.

    In a bid to improve the system locally, we are trying to improve the national laws concerning pharmacy education and practice. A proposal has already been made and is being finalized after obtaining an agreement with the other concerned governmental agencies. Since the proposal is yet to be finalized, is it possible to have a look and study the laws on the subject enforced in different countries.

    May I request my colleagues in different countries to send me the laws governing pharmacy education and practice in force.

    Naziruddin Ahsan
    Pharmacy Council of Pakistan
    Taimur Chambers, 10-D west Blue Area
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    Fax: (009251) 9218995
    <[email protected]>

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    Pharmacy Laws etc

    The laws governing pharmacy, are complex. The practice of pharmacy is governed through several laws. The training of pharmacists is governed through the pharmaceutical society. I don't know enough about law to fully answer your question. Maybe you could contact them?

    They are the professional organisation and governing body for pharmacies in the UK.

    Good Luck !
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