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  • Responsible Pharmacist: The score

    I'm a little concerned that we are being so flippant about our salary being blown away to accomodate technicians. We know what will happen if we do nothing (Pharmacy contractors should strike, pj letters, oct 24th). We know that this will not be in patients interest (safety, personal care etc..). Can we grow a brain quickly and get some ideas as to what to do next; I am not willing to DISCUSS how much my salary will drop by, i will simply do everything i can to stop this. Here are my ideas so far:
    1. Shun, pressurise and frown upon any pharmacists becoming responsible.If you think about it, this actually gives us the power to prevent remote supervision, and hence will prevent a drop in demand so our freedom to get work wherever whenever is maintained.
    2. Reduce the amount (ie STOP) of checking technicians accredited by our society(It's OUR SOCIETY). Sorry guys but its dog eat dog. Im not as lazy as some so I dont need a hand off you.
    3.Inform the public. Anyone realised how covert this is, ie NONE of the public have been told that the pharmacist wont be present. Mr Jones, who always chats to the pharmacist out of trust and respect (this is where MPharm pays back),would be furious if he had to talk to a tech, as would his daughter (her son has a rash and weeping eyes) as would his wife. Im sure they would sign a petition/letter to the MP. The people who vote in this country are mainly the elderly-OUR MAIN CUSTOMER!!. This issue could decide an election, which is happening very soon.
    Are you telling me we can't do anything? Grow some testicles and get active now. I am soon to create a blog website to build numbers and ideas. I hope to call it PHORCE (although Pharmacists against remote supervision PHARS may be appropriate) please post comments.

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    Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

    Originally posted by u2bawooly View Post
    Are you telling me we can't do anything? Grow some testicles and get active now. I am soon to create a blog website to build numbers and ideas. I hope to call it PHORCE (although Pharmacists against remote supervision PHARS may be appropriate) please post comments.
    How do we organise one of those petition websites, like the one about fees.
    Also there is the number 10 website where you can start one.
    I'll look into this when I get home this evening and report back.
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      Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

      u2bawooly - good ideas. Also I think that in one week, every single pharmacy should make a diligent record of all our interventions on unsafe GP prescriptions (like we're meant to anyway, but only most pharmacists are not diligent about keeping the records coz nobody except inspectors will see them) - and send these records to the DoH as part of a petition about why proposed remote supervision is mad and unsafe. I think the public and govt have no idea of how many prescribing problems we intervene in. E.g/ last week the local GP practice had a bunch of Rx for babies for breath actuated steroid inhalers. The technician at the pharmacy got the Rx ready without a second thought, so it took me to point out how ludicrous it is for a baby to have the inspiration force to actually actuate these breath actuated inhalers, and contact the surgery who in turn apologised and issued normal inhalers instead. Our leaders don't publicise things like this to the public or government - things that every comunity pharmacist does week in week out and would totally show absent pharmacists to be a stupid idea.


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        Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

        Or the surgeries that routinely prescribe cfc beclomethasone 50mcg for children and Qvar is dispensed because that is what comes up on the PMR, even though it is not licenced for children under 12.


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          Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

          Have always thought we should make a big thing of the interventions we think nothing of.

          I think the main problem is that many of us expect to see problems with Rxs so we just get it changed without thinking about it.

          As this is the Responsible Pharmacist thread I'd like to put over an idea I've had.

 :: Index has a member who is going to collate all the members' views on the RP consultation and then send it in as a response from x no. of pharmacists.

          As a member of the EPB my response is being filtered by the board to give a board response.

          If my views do not get put across I was thinking of sending them in purely as C Morris MRPharmS but then I thought how about having a Pharmacy Forum response.

          As I have almost finished my response for the board and possibly my own personal response I am willing to TRY to collate our views into a coherent repsonse so I am going to start a new RP thread just for your views.

          Not guaranteeing I will get it all into one coherent whole but wish me luck.
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            Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

            For a moment I thought raju had the answer, however to report interventions to the Doh en masse would only play into their hands.I Think the idea is that the responsible pharmacist clinically checks (ie makes interventions) the prescriptions, then forwards them to technicians to dispense. So to say we are doing that will appeal to them. My main concern, and the reason I don't use checking technicians, is because there are several drugs that prove lethal (amiodarone/digoxin/lidocaine/peppermint water etc) when dispensed innappropriately, it's that simple. This is a fundamental concept which goes unappreciated by pharmacists. My main reasoning behind kicking up a fuss is that as a profession, we are very frivolous with the phrase 'pharmacy is becoming more clinical'. Clinical pharmacists are worth £22,000 per annum (look at basic grade hospital salaries). The extra that we are paid as standard in community is solely based on the responsibility factor. We are being tricked into thinking pharmacists are experts in warfarin/cholesterol/lung function testing, which we are not. We are being tricked into thinking that prescription volume is too much for a pharmacist to cope with, which it wouldnt be if sufficient number of dispensing technicians were employed. Clinical pharmacy is not feasible in community as (unlike hospital) you cant just walk to a patient lying immobile and clinically investigate their treatment, they turn up when they please, or you call them in. They can't be arsed (as we have found from MURs) coming in for that. When we get one year down the line the government cut funding and we want to u-turn and find our place in the dispensary making easy cash by doing nothing manual, we will be told 'hit the road jack, and don't you come back'. And then we re-train as teachers. GET THINKING GUYS, we have to at the least INFORM every community pharmacist 79 days left
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              Re: Responsible Pharmacist: The score

              u2bawooly: -

              The govt wants this crap to go through. How do you propose we stop them? Simply informing every pharmacist is not necessarily gonna convince them to stop. As a recent article in the PJ said:- the govt's definition of consultation is to tell others what they intend to do and do it regardless.

              It'll take something quite dramatic to stop them.