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  • NPA Grading

    Does anyone know how NPA grading works?

    ive received majority A’s & B’s throughout in my modules and I think one C - and resit one exam.

    Did not know what qualifies for distinction or merit? If they even grade it like this anymore?

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    I'm curious, why not Pharmacy School? Clearly you have the aptitude for it?

    You don't have to respond if it's a very personal reason.

    I also know not everyone is in the position to commit to the intensive stretch it demands but unfortunately that intensity, focus and exposure is indispensable to developing that sharp intuition and sixth sense and granular technical familiarity practitioners seem to have. Same applies to Drs etc.


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      Life just has not given me the opportunity! Lots of personal things going in and never really thought about pharmacy school. It is something I am considering for the future though! It’s just not the right time for me. Nice of you to say