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Pharmacy technician registration with GPhC

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  • Pharmacy technician registration with GPhC

    I am a Non-EEA qualified pharmacist currently living in the UK. Considering the fact that being a Non-EEA, registering as a pharmacist here in the UK takes a minimum of two years and also I can not afford the OSPAP course cost, So, I want to register myself as a pharmacy technician with GPhC.

    I went through the GPhc website to learn the complete procedure to follow.

    As per my understanding, the following three requirements set by GPhC, I need to fulfill.

    A) Knowledge-based qualification
    B) Competency-based qualification
    C) Professional experience

    I do have the required professional experience and need to complete the other 2 requirements.

    However, I need some help in understanding the above A and B. Please, someone, help me

    1) What exactly the competency-based and knowledge-based qualifications are? what is the duration of these courses and do I need to go to a school or college to complete them?
    2) Do I need to be currently working in a pharmacy setting in order to complete these courses or I can self learn them?
    3) What is the minimum and maximum duration to complete them?

    Please can someone help me


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    afaik you have to do the nvq3 even if you are an overseas pharmacist for which you have to be employed in a pharmacy, it can be very difficult because the course costs about 1500 and employers are usually reluctant to enroll people into them. Have you looked at Sunderland uni for OSPAP ? they are usually cheaper than unis in the south