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  • Accuracy checking technician

    Can anyone help. I am a registered technician and also an accuracy checking technician which I revalidate yearly with boots. I am interested to find out what happens if I leave the company for another job opportunity as an accuracy technician, does this certificate count ?

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    Well your technician qualification is an NVQ so is valid everywhere.

    As for your ACT, in essence it's not a "qualification" as much as a "competence". If you have years of experience and previous evidence of completing and re-validating the task you shouldn't have a problem anywhere. Any new pharmacy you work at though should make you complete at least some form of assessment (a few hundred items double-checked) before they let you loose.
    I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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      Thank you. Yes I have 5 years of evidence in my portfolio. This makes sense to me now. I just didn’t know if I needed to be checked again against all the competences through another training provider to issue another certificate.