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  • buttercups level 3 technician course

    could anyone please guide me regarding this questions? what information need to cover in this question

    Name five ingredients (active drug or excipients) used in medicines and list some of their chemical and physical properties that we would take into consideration when using them as an ingredient.
    For example, aspirin tastes bitter and is hygroscopic (so any soluble formulation will need a flavouring and it degrades easily in the air)
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    You want us to do this for you? You won’t learn much if we do that will you? You haven’t asked if someone is willing to help, you’ve just copied and pasted the question!
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      use the following two websites. You will find your answers.


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        thank you very helpful


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          Pub chem was very helpful when I did this question, also use the patient information leaflet for other ingredients and excipients.