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buttercups unit 5 receiving different types of prescriptions.

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  • buttercups unit 5 receiving different types of prescriptions.

    Hi can anyone just help clarify in this unit it asks to state different types of scrips and checking they are valid ect which is fine i get all that no problem the part of the criteria im not sure how to write up is ... explain current ethical and legal requirements that affect prescriptions including clinical trials. Could this just be explaining how clinical trials work?

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    Clinical trials usually only i n hospital. E.g. Addenbrookes has a dispensary just for these.
    question really for hospital technician s a and not for retail.
    Me, I would tend to.put "not applicable in retail". However, Buttercups only a phone call away, so ask them.


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      Hi which module is this question in?


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        Different scripts would be private, vet, e-scripts, paper and maybe fax.

        How you would check they were legal? Date, signature, medication legible, dose, form, amount, doc's ref number, is the pharmacist happy with the script? Patient details correct? What would YOU do if presented with these prescriptions?