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  • moving from community to hospital

    Sorry if I’m posting about something that has already been discussed...

    As a line manager I’m looking to attract pharmacy technicians from community into hospital pharmacy. We don’t get a lot of interest in our adverts from techs in community and we’ve had some worrying encounters where we’ve been told that community techs don’t think they are qualified to work in hospital.

    So what I’m looking for feedback on is what reservations do people have about moving into hospital pharmacy and what professional and developmental opportunities would entice you to give it a try?

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    Having worked in both sectors for a combined total of 35 years I've witnessed a vast difference in standards of training for Technicians between the 2 sectors and attitudes of Pharmacists who can't understand the difference between dispensers and technicians in community and therefore hospital technicians and community technicians have to be bluntly honest trained for different jobs!