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  • Buttecups NVQ3 module 15

    Buttercups NVQ3 module 15 Hi all I am stuck on how to answer one of the questions. If anyone can help me in the right direction. The question is as follows : Explain the advice you would give to ensure cost effective adherence, concordance and safe use of medicine b) out line 2 reasons why the patient might not adhere to the medications given 1 Noriday 2 Fosamax thank you in advance

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    Google is your friend. First you need to define your terms. What does cost effective adherence mean? What does concordance mean? What does safe use of medicine mean? Try to use the most recent links - all of them have dates at the end of the title line. Something published in 2019 is probably more relevant than something published ten years ago.

    Useful search terms for this part are: concordance use in pharmacy; cost effective adherence in pharmacy; and safe use in pharmacy. If you run those three searches you should end up with a broad understanding of what each term means in the pharmacy world.

    Then you have to look at the question again. What is it asking you? Firstly, it’s a general question, not related to any specific medication, so what general advice would you offer to anyone taking drugs? Feel free to pick a couple of examples to illustrate various points raised in your answer. Pay particular attention to the links that lead to pharmaceutical organisations such as PSNC, NICE and Pharmacy Journal as they tend to be more accurate.

    The second part part of the question deals with two specific drugs, Noriday and Fosamax. You need to look at the side effects of each drug, how they are taken, when they are taken etc to identify factors that might lead a patient to not take them at all, or to only take them irregularly. The link to the public forum Netmums leads to a discussion of why women cease using the medication Fosamax, or want to change to another. You will probably find a similar link for Noriday. Real people, having real problems using their medication, rather than just generically listed side effects. Imagine that you are counselling these people, how would you encourage them to persevere with the medication? Is there anything they can take as well to minimise side effects? What safety precautions do they need to use if they are not taking the medication as prescribed? You get the idea.


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      Buttercups are always at the end of the phone line.


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        Alendronic acid whilst important can be very problematic because of the steps you need to do to take it. Think swallow ability, lifestyle factors, dosstte boxes, side effects.

        Noriday is POP. Think about side effects, contraindications and lifestyle factors that result in people not taking it consistently. Also think about interactions.

        The medicines optimisation NICE guidelines should give you a head start on the knowledge base for this question.