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  • radiopharmaceutical

    Hey guys sorry again I'm almost finished my NVQ which is so good but I am now struggling with the very final bits and pieces any help would be amazing!
    Describe how you would package, store and transport a radiopharmaceutical medicine to ensure the safe arrival of the drug ready for administration to the patient.
    I have thought about be hazardous such as cytotoxics or radiopharmaceuticals then this must be clearly marked along with contact details and action to be taken in the event of a spillage.
    Anyone else done this one ?

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    Yes, contact details incase of spillage, clearly marked warning labels in line with COSHH, padded box etc x


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      Hi, i think you have this about right.i worked for sometime in radiopharmacy and all material i handled was stored and transported in small led tins like coffins!! you might want to mention led as protection as in xray, led aprons


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        When we received Thorium X from Harwell it was in a lead box. I was told that we could not return it if not used. No facilities for handling radioactive waste and was told to simply pour it down the sink. I tried to avoid standing in front of the sink for remainder of locum. It was in 1957.