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  • Insurance query

    I have just been registered as a tech but I am wondering if anyone can advise on the best plan of action and knows of any good companies I could look into?
    The pharmacist says he is covered by the pharmacy insurance. Is this right?

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    If he owns the pharmacy yes, if he doesn't, then not if in conflict with the owner. The pharmacy insurance covers the owner but only the employees if owner accepts liability. The RP regs push the blame for any incident squarely on the RP.


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      Hope you don't mind a lengthy response;
      We all used to be OK with this back in the day as most companies were owned/operated by pharmacist-businessmen.
      Also how pharmacy was practiced was different - the workload used to be around 4,000 - 6,000 items per month in a normal pharmacy.
      A patient having four medications used to be a 'shipping order'.
      The workload had peaks around surgery times and in between you had time to 'catch up' and 'keep all the dots on the i and crosses on the t in order'.
      Home deliveries were rare and managing every aspect of prescriptions from end-to-end had not yet been thought off.
      MDS had not mushroomed and there were not as many care homes. Those that were around used to have registered nurses running the show.

      Now we are in the future there are so many additional points of failure made worse by the level of interruptions - and it is increasingly difficult to keep all the plates spinning.
      Add to the fact that it is much easier for anyone engaging in litigation or complaint to 'go after the pharmacist'.
      At the first whiff of any complaint the whole machine will engage; CCG, GPhC, Employer performance management etc.

      In summary a pharmacist who is not a member of the PDA (or similar organisation) is leaving themselves exposed should the unthinkable happen.
      Not sure what technicians should do - perhaps they could approach the PDA for advice on who to go to for insurance?
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