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    I just wondered if anyone can give me some advise, I have work as a band 4 pharmacy technician in the NHS for the last 8 months in a 12 month fixed term contract, and I have recently accepted a new band 4 pharmacy technician position elsewhere.
    It's just I have recently been talking to a colleague who told me because also that I worked for the NHS around 10 years ago for 3 years, I should start this new position not at the start of the band 4 pay scale but further up the pay spine point as they will take into account those 3 years.
    I just wondered if this is correct and should I call my new employer to ask this or have I now missed the opportunity to ask this question.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    It depends. Was the old job at Band 4 or lower? If it was lower then you will start at the bottom of band 4. As you have worked in your current job for 8months your pay will increase in four months on your normal increment date. That means that you don’t need to work for a year to move up a pay point, just the four months remaining on your current band.

    My advice would be to sort out your dates of employment for both periods of work and the relevant band that you were on and call HR to get their advice. Wherever you work in the NHS you keep your increment date throughout unless you are moving up a grade. The increment date remains the same if you are on the same band. If you move up a band your new increment date is the day that you started on the new grade.

    Your previous service also counts towards the amount of annual leave that you are entitled to. So instead of the basic 28 days plus bank holidays, you will get an extra day. I can’t remember the exact numbers that the holidays go up but that is something else to take up with HR. It doesn’t matter how long the gap between your periods of nhs service was, you still get the enhanced holidays as though you had continuous service for those periods of time.

    This might be a good place to start looking for what questions you need to ask HR.


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      Than you for your reply sparkybw you have been very helpful, the last time I worked for the nhs I was an ATO so band 2 I think it may have been so that won't be taken into account.
      But at least now I know the last 8 months will be included and also the annual leave will be calculated from my previous employment with the NHS so that's good news.
      I am actually waiting to hear from HR as they need to see me to see proof of qualifications and other document's, so I will discuss this with them then.
      thanks again for your help.