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NVQ level 3 module 5 aaaahhhh

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  • NVQ level 3 module 5 aaaahhhh


    Ok, so I'm a pre-reg pharmacy tech. Currently doing the NVQ level 3. I'm on module 5 at the mo. I have to say I am struggling ALOT with this at the mo. I've got to 16. Dental RX for Co-Amoxiclav 250/125 1 TDS x 21

    Can this prescription be dispensed as it is currently written?

    I think yes because the prescriber has put the drug name which is allowed to be prescribed by a dentist (Drug tarriff part XV11A), the directions and the amount required. It is also signed and in date.

    Am I missing something?

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    Yes you are correct. I Think when this paper was printed there may of been another reason, but I wrote down what you have said and I didn’t get any marks down or comments. So sounds good to me. If you need any help don’t be affair to ask. I’m doing the second year now. It gets easier xx


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      Do they specify tablets? Also, does the prescription have the practice stamp on it? If the answer to both of these is "Yes" then your good to go! Keep up the good work


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        Are you doing the buttercups course?


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          It's the NPA course. I've finally finshed this module now... woohoo :-)

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          Aww that's great! How you finding it so far? I'm doing the buttercups but can't find anyone else on it.

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        Here’s a useful guide to what is needed for a legal prescription. It covers dentists as well as Doctors scripts.

        This is also useful, though very expensive. You may be able to get your local library to order one in for you to loan.