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Checking technician rate of pay

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  • Checking technician rate of pay

    Hi fellow Pharmacy peeps.

    Just wondering what other checkers are currently getting with regards to wages.
    I’m working in community for an independent in the MDS department. I’m the predominant checker of roughly 2000 trays a month. I’m not greedy at all but I really don’t think I’m being paid enough for the load I’m doing.
    Just wanted too chat with you all before I have I word with my boss.

    Many thanks, have a lovely weekend xx

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    See if APTUK has any pay rates on it's web site.


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      Thanks John, unfortunately you need to be a member to access what I would need (£48!)

      really kind of you to reply x


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        I get 12.50 an hour in an independent.


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          Originally posted by hazeleyes View Post
          I get 12.50 an hour in an independent.
          Thanks hazel, does it go on where we live do you think?
          Im currently getting £11 which i shouldn’t grumble at but the workload is increasing dramatically & the wage isn’t.



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            I don't think so, I'm up north but our independent pays higher rates for all staff as we are a particularly busy and stressful pharmacy! Our new starts aren't on minimum wage.


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              ACT - in hospital are band 5 (usually) - which starts of as £11.32 to start of with and goes up on years basis by 30-40p. You can have a look at NHS pay scale.

              Personally I feel you are getting underpaid for what you do. I would possibly speak to your boss and ask if the rate can be upped by £2 hour pay rise due to increase workload and going rate amongst ACT. Plus very difficult to find ACT as not many trained or many don't want that level of responsibility.

              However it is all relative and its also about what you expect as a minimum and what you are happy with.


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                Look up Ackerman bargaining.


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                  Thank you all so much for your advice, definitely got me rethinking my options x