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  • Heads up for pharmacy techs

    It appears that pharmacy technicians who trained in hospital and who attended college on day release may be entitled to reclaim the tax and national insurance contributions that they made while they were a student. Anyone in this situation who trained since 1999 should have a word with their tax office to see if it applies to them.

    I assume the same applies to those who trained in community and who went to college on day release but you would need to confirm that yourself.

    Peto, the pharmacy training organisation in the north east, has informed former student techs of this situation and have provided forms to apply for the refunds. If it gets turned down then nothing is lost as it was paid long ago, but if you can get the refund it will be a nice little windfall to get the new year off with a bounce. Fingers crossed! I’ve already spent my refund ten times over in my head!

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    Hi, this certainly is of interest to me! Please will you provide more information regarding the basis for this.


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      Originally posted by Ambidextrose View Post
      Hi, this certainly is of interest to me! Please will you provide more information regarding the basis for this.
      Were you NHS hospital trained? If you weren’t then it doesn’t apply to you. Basically it’s for NHS employees who are looking to extend their skills, and are following a relevant course while they are employed. Any tax and NI contributions paid during the course may be refunded. If I get mine, then it amounts to about £5,000 which would come in very handy at the moment!

      I should add that it appears to apply to all varieties of NHS staff, not just pharmacy people.


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        An example of the growing gulf between Public and Private sector. In the old days it was said "Public poverty, Private Prosperity" now the reverse is becoming the norm.


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          An update on my first post in this thread. I received refunds of NI Contributions and tax paid while I was training as a pharmacy technician. Hurrah! I started training in August 2010 and I’ve got just over £5,300 refund. A nice windfall indeed!

          Pre registration pharmacists would appear to also qualify for this scheme, provided that their income while training was less than £15,000. They would need to look up the Agenda for Change pay scales for the relevant years. I guess that some would be paid on Band 5 as Band 6 is the official starting point for newly qualified staff. Remember they go back to 1999 though the income level is capped at £7,000 at that time.

          You also need to consider that the refund of NI Contributions for those years mean they will no longer be counted towards your pension qualifying years. In my case I was refunded £1700 and they would charge me just under £1,000 to get back my two years. I decided not to bother at the moment as I’ve been in a pension scheme since I was eighteen and worked all through university so I already had five extra years anyway. If you have children and were in receipt of child benefit then you could claim family protection for those years anyway.

          The Martin Lewis link talks of delays in payment, I applied in January and received my three cheques in April. I don’t think that is an intolerable amount of time to wait.

          Some links that might help people to decide if they qualify. This first link refers to doctors, nurses and physios but the scheme is not restricted to them.

          More information here and the earnings limits for various years. Good old Martin Lewis.

          The official government take on the subject.


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            Wow nice windfall Sparky, lovely! Hope you’re doing something nice with it
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              Originally posted by admin View Post
              Wow nice windfall Sparky, lovely! Hope you’re doing something nice with it
              So far I’ve only spent about £400! I bought a new tv when the old one gave up the ghost and it was going to cost more to repair than to buy a new one, and last Sunday I paid the gardener £50 for tidying the garden and clearing all the rubbish. Last of the big spenders, that’s me.

              I’m still having fun trying to decide what to spend it on and will probably spend it a million times over in my head before I actually part with any money, but I have a toy poodle shaped hole in my life since my girl, Skye, died just over a year ago, and I’m certain that at least some of the money will bring the patter of tiny paws!