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Heads up for pharmacy techs

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  • Heads up for pharmacy techs

    It appears that pharmacy technicians who trained in hospital and who attended college on day release may be entitled to reclaim the tax and national insurance contributions that they made while they were a student. Anyone in this situation who trained since 1999 should have a word with their tax office to see if it applies to them.

    I assume the same applies to those who trained in community and who went to college on day release but you would need to confirm that yourself.

    Peto, the pharmacy training organisation in the north east, has informed former student techs of this situation and have provided forms to apply for the refunds. If it gets turned down then nothing is lost as it was paid long ago, but if you can get the refund it will be a nice little windfall to get the new year off with a bounce. Fingers crossed! I’ve already spent my refund ten times over in my head!