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Buttercups module 15 assessment help!!

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  • Buttercups module 15 assessment help!!

    Just bouncing ideas. When working within parameters of my job role limitations by providing advice and info to others could cover this include the use of information sources such as the BNF and information leaflets? Otherwise asking for assistance from someone such as the pharmacist and other person such as a GP would probably also account for this to?

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    Yes, it's basically checking that you are going to refer if you are unsure at all. So if a patient calls and asks a query about the dose, strength or interactions etc you refer. If they want to know if they can place an order, when is their Rx due or when is their stock due in you can answer it yourself. I say this because even though as technicians we may 'know' the answer to a dosage query, you could miss something that a pharmacist wouldn't which could result in serious harm. What happened in my pharmacy once was a pre reg answered a dose query where the patient asked if the dose was really 2.5ml, they checked the pmr and told them it was. It had been labelled incorrectly and should've been 0.5ml.


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      Observing limitations of my role as laid out in the standard operating procedures would be another factor as well, I guess!!