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  • Work in the Falklands

    Heres a lovely opportunity for a pharmacy technician to get out and see the world, or some of it anyway!

    If it wasn't for being tied up in a small project of my own for the next couple of years I would be very interested. I've done a bit of research on this and you would be working in the only pharmacy on the island with only one pharmacist, dealing with hospital, community and otc needs. Population of the islands is about 2,500 plus the military base, though I assume they have their own health services.

    It's an eighteen hour flight from the UK with the MOD from Brize Norton, refuelling at Ascension Island , or you can use civilian airlines which takes around 35 hours, and goes via Chile.

    I hope someone on the forum gets the job as it would be brilliant to see how it works out.

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    Young, single, grab it with both hands.


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      I know someone who is (or was) working there as a locum technician. Maybe she has come back hence the vacancy!


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        A few years ago there was that same offer but for a pharmacist. Had I been single I'd gone for it too, the trip by bus from Buenos Aires down to Ushuaia would be something I'd be thinking about!